• whatever the subject matter his background knowledge is always well read and intuitive to the audience in mind, whilst his delivery is with the conviction and enthusiasm that even the most objective of personalities are won over.

    James Martin


  • The results of my team’s motivational maps have brought about a really positive effect on the business. I have learnt what really makes my team ‘tick’, which has helped me to adjust my management style. This has resulted in an even happier workforce as well as gaining enhanced results for the business!

    Emma Ansell

    Mushroom Marketing Ltd

  • The Motivational Maps® were almost universally agreed as being uncannily accurate…within weeks we have seen measurably higher levels of productivity, quality and positivity.

    Nick Canfor

    iMeta Technologies

  • I was asked the question "who is an inspirational leader in Dorset"... with out doubt the person who I have been consistently uplifted by is James, his whole energy is empowering and he leads through self realization.

    Ross Thornley

    RT Media

It is always a real privilege to work with these talented people and I get as much out of our time together as I hope they do. For that, I am truly grateful.

James Sale